I have been having problems with my old e-mail address which was set up as pop.tiscali account.  I went to talktalk (tiscali) and added a new address with the @talktalk.net suffix.

I now wish to change this 'new' account  to an imap.talktalk.net account.   I could not find any setting on the talk talk website to advise me how to do this.

Am assuming I really need to get this straight with Talk Talk before I can then (b)  move to my MS Office Outlook mail and set this up to receive mail via talk talk to the new address?

Just keep getting dialogue box talling me my server is not recognizing this account and going round in the interminable loop.

Also note the Talk Talk 'add an additional address" page also asks for an "alternate address" - what does this refer to.

As usual, an e.g. with some of these instructions would be most helpful.
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