While watching a video on realestate,a small window popped in about opacity.I don't remember whether it said was incorrect or needed attention,but untill I clicked OK,it kept coming back.Said nothing as far as what to do,but what could possibly be the problem with opacity?Everything looked fine.Windows 8,no 8.1.Haven't upgraded.
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To be of any help we need the exact message.
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No problem friend.It showed that one time,and may never show again.Nothing to be concerned about.I was just wondering why.
If you encounter it again or have any future questions, just be sure to provide as much detail as you can. There are a lot of people who post things like "help me with this" but don't tell us what "this" is ... My crystal ball is broken and people tend to get upset when I pull out my magic wand and start playing with it. ;-)
Oh believe me Brother T_B,I'll be as explicit as you need.I just should have written it down.I apologize for what little info I sent you,I din't know your crystal ball was broken.Mines not broken,just get's really cloudy without enough input.I broke my wand tho when I cracked a chic across the butt with it.I've had questions like the one you spoke of,can you fix,and nothing else other than the make and model of the vehicle.We'll talk again one day Bro.

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