Is there any way to install windows 7 on my computer without losing all of my files?

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15 Answers

Yes. You would use the Windows Easy Transfer Wizard to back up your files and your user profile. Once that is done you install Windows 7, allowing it to erase the XP install, and then use the transfer wizard to restore the data and your profile.
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How do you create a shortcut on the ipad?
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my tablet power button is broken and it only turned on when i charged it what should i do. plus how do you reset your tablet when your power botten is not working. pls help. i have a ez tab.
My grandson was playing with my Windows 8 laptop. Now I cannot use my key board on any key. Is the answer

as simple as Shift or Alt something or other?
I have purchased a Kindle reader and am trying to find how and where I obtain a Password for any WifI account.

Please advise.
i want to change my email and password for my facebook account.i no longer have access to my old email anymore
is    this answer true or false although virusdo not consist
I'm trying to edit a "roster" That im doing at work, but i had to have one emailed to me.... then open it and edit so i could change things to my store. when i open office it says that macros might have viruses and it opens in (Read Only) so i cant edit it. can anyone help me get past this? I have set the macros security to low so it wouldnt block it but it didnt work.

cooli really needto know how to downgrade my phone 8.1 sucks . help me.


i need to delete 1my kk my user name is sam_is_so_awsome
can i get a basic wireing diagram for a 5 metre aluminium boat
My computer  is asking for a start up password in which I do not know , this happened  on my tab , had that fixed is this a virus And can it be fixed


My kindle second generation......I am unable to connect to my network.  It is locked.  I cannot get to the place to put in my password.......and wonder if I even have the same password and email address for it.  It is three years old and I no longer use the same email address as when it was set up.

This is the first time this has happened.

What can I do?

My email address now is [email protected]

Joan Hebert

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