I have AVG free edition which keeps coming up and saying that I have a trojan horse virus on my computer, then when I click protect me it says that the threat was removed. Here is the problem though. AVG keeps alerting me of this same exact virus a couple times a day even though it said that it was completely removed. On top of that my computer keeps freezing randomly and I have to do a manual restart. My computer is also alot slower than it usually is. Please help me!!!

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1 Answer

Have you tried running malware bytes in Safe Mode?

When your computer is starting up, rapidly tap F8 until you see a menu that includes "safe mode" in a list of options and select it.

In my experience, If malware bytes cannot remove it entirely, Then you are better off using an external hard drive or other hard disk to back up your important files while in safe mode and reinstall windows.

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