My computer has been getting progressivly slower and it is getting to the point where it is almost unbearable! Please help!!!
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4 Answers

Theres lots of ways.
1. Run a disk defrag.
This will free up and defragment disk space on your computer.
2. Run a registry defrag.…
This will free up and defragment registry keys on your computer.
3. Download, Install and Run AVG PC TUNEUP\
This software has lots of tweaks, cleans, and tuneups for your computer.
4. Download, Install and Run CCleaner.
This tool will optimize your computer by deleting lots of useless and junk files.
5. Install a free antivirus (I suggest MalwareBytes Antimalware)

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Hi you can follow the below steps to increase your internet download speed
1)If your system  internet speed is very slow. First reset your modem
2)Delete all cookies and temporary files.
3)Use different browser. Because normally some browser enabled javascript
and flash video ,so the webpages is loaded very slow.So you can try  it
different browser.
4)Virus,malwares is also another important thing it will make a slow connection.So use a good antivirus software to remove all virus and malwares .

5)You can try to close unwanted applications
Finally go to this site then check your internet speed
it will  definitely works very fast.

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step 1

statr botton

type run and hit enter

now type prefetch

if ur pc ask to continue click it and delete all the files that u ceeeeeeeeeeee.

step 2

delete all the temp. nternet files and run the cleaner....
avast for Mac

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