No instructions came with the keyboard.
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6 Answers

Then its a try and error with the support cables that were supplied.If you have a teen , give him or her and in a jiff, its done  Go for it.
I just ordered one from walmart and the free keyboard is not working either! i am going to see if i can take it back. Have you tried resetting the tablet? I have not tried it yet. Loved the price but bummed the keyboard doesnt work.
I got a nobis 9 with keyboard and case, the case doesnt close with the keyboard in it, it has bracket looking things on it, but they are the size of maybe a phone..... what am I doing wrong or did they send me the wrong thing????


Are you experiencing this also?? I plugged it in and it works, had trouble finding how to auto rotate the screen, but eventually got that...
The brackets are like Velcro and come off so you can make them fit
The things that hold ur tablet to the case are Velcro u can adjust them
I discovered that you can reset the tablet by pressing the power button and volume + button at the same time and a menu screen will appear. Follow the prompts to reset. My keyboard case does fit the tablet. The brackets unvelcro and can be adjusted to fit the tablet. There is a magnetic clip that closes the case. I ended up contacting customer support @ nobis for a replacement keyboard as the one that came with it didn't work. Tablet has a myraid of problems. Sent tablet to be repaired 3 times. Was told tablet would be fixed or replaced. Just sent them a 4th request as tablet is still messed up. I asked them why they didn't replace it at this point. It's been over a week since I contacted them about replacing what clearly is a defective tablet. The people at nobis have ignored my complaint and request for a new replacement. The tablet has a full 90 day warranty and 12 mo parts. I am nearing the end of that 90 day period. Ridiculous!! I regret not choosing to return the tablet/keyboard to and choosing a different one instead of giving nobis the opportunity to repair or replace. Major Fail!
Can some one tell me how to the key board to working thanks
I have the Nobis 9 w keypad  and the keypad quit working after the first day. And no instructions either. Call the Nobis company they will replace it.

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