Volatile has hijacked my smartphone and causes it to freeze up. The Volatile icon app is displayed on the smartphone home page. This is a cell phone not a pc or laptop and no windows so there is no windows process to uninstall Hilarious I could wipe clean my smartphone and get it back to the way it was out of the box factory set but that would erase over 70 telephone numbers and names in my contacts memory Hops is a scrap app and serves no function except to make my smartphone nearly impossible to use. Help since I am at the point of tossing the darn phone and buying a new one. Fuggedsbout tech support from Metro PCS or ZTE. I tried that and their useless Phillipine India call center is dumber than a sack of rocks. Thanks for advice cos I have exhausted many online searches for help. Theater do not tell how to unimstall Volatile app - on smartphone just on pc and laptop. .
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