I'll be honest, I watch porn and download movies,music and some shows online but I've done this kinda stuff for years and have NEVER had an issue( not something I should be proud of but that's not the point here lol)
 About a week ago I was on a Spanish dictionary site, just doing my homework like any other day, and i was redirected to a "your computer has been infected with a virus. Call this number and get help immediately" tab and it freaked me out. Like it started talking with a google translate sounding voice and made my computer act crazy until I task manager forced closed the web browser. (I uninstalled chrome and switched over to Firefox after that)
Now this only happens on sites that Firefox claims to be "not secure" and sites that have pop ups( I plan on avoiding downloading sites from now on for this reason) Every "secure" site is fine and my computer acts normal when I'm using programs like InkScape and Spotify and when it's just on and I'm not using it
Everything seems as if there is no problem what so ever unless I'm on a "not secure" site

I just want to know if these  virus infection things are real or if they're just a scam to get me to buy a fake virus protection program.

Any form of help would be great Thank You!!

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