Well I been noticing it happening now, but on my new computer I been experiencing in the last few days some noticeable changes. As with always, the internet at my dorm blocks anything pornographic wise, but I been noticing some slow changes lately. Websites such as Facebook, The Google Search,  Youtube, Yahoo Search and reddit has been very slow to connect. IT would be running normal at first but then it is very slow all of a sudden. Like it would take almost 5 minutes to load up, till Google Chrome ask if you want to kill the page. Another thing I have been noticing is that other websites seem to be working fast. If I use Bing, it is lighting fast. At first I thought it was happening of everyone else but people say that they have no problems. So I am assuming could it be a virus. The main reason I may say is that I know that I watched each download carefully before installing anything, but it seems that nothing has been installed. This issue been hitting on Google Chrome and Internet explorer. In a way it seems like the ISP put a priority on certain websites, but I am not certain. The internet speed is still good but certain websites would not load as properly. If a website is blocked a message would pop up saying that this website is denied by so and so. But  for those other websites, it seem to just get slower to the point that it would not load completely or not at all.

My system is
Brand: Hewlett-Packard
Model: ENVY M7-N011DX (customized)
GPU: GeForce 940M
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5500U @ 2.40 GHz
Screen Size: 17.3 inch Touchscreen
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Space: 1 TB

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