Irulu android tablet is stuck on the loading cycle so I can't use the menu for factory rest what should I do
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11 Answers

when you turn on the tablet, hold down the power button and the volume up button and it will bring you to a menu, on this menu you will be able to use the up and down volume buttons and the power button to navigate. there should be an option to reset the device. this will restore to factory defaults.
This is not working for me.
Me either. I kept trying that for 15 minutes and the finally it worked and I pushed the up arrow and got the menu. It does not tell you to do that you just have to do it.
Now mine is at the menu and it's at the bottom and the volume does not move it off the last selection "wipe partition cache" it won't even execute that either.
see my review at connellservices dot com.
I had to just wait till the battery died. You can try holding the volume button in the middle and the power button at the same time. The volume key nust go down on both sides. This turns off the Tablet and you can try to reboot. I've had no luck with this or the hard reset through the small hole in the top near center with a paperclip. It worked last time but now this one.
I did try and it worked.Thx.for the computer tech support.Holding the turn on and valume key at the same time will sut off and you can reboot and it will work.
Hi i have irulu 10" tablet i forget my password how can i reset or unblock it thank you
My own froze up when using the camera.  In reserching online, I found a simplr solution that allowed e to reboot.  Press the power key and hold it and the volume up key for about 10 seconds. The tablet will then reboot.
My Irulu tablet will turn on but it wont let me put in my password
turn it on and let it run out of power then then it does plug it in and when to turn on power hold the power button then should turn on
rcatablet will not come on????plz help me.
How do I uninstall ask search engine? It can't be done through the control panel.

my irulu tablet is is stuck on the loading screen and i try many  times but it just won't work plz hlep me.smiley

i try and it still did not work but thank you very much ok bye
How do I get it unstuck please let me know

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