My kindle fire doesn't turn on   Please help me with instructions as what to do.
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1 Answer

If you hiting the power button and nothing happens ,,then you need to open your device with a flat srew driver or a thin knife thru the corners after you unscrew bolts..then go to the power button area and press by hiting it not thru the piece ofplastic them buttoms have...but by pressing the little pin it has there..i bet you anything it will turn just that electronics now adays arevery bad quality and comes with lot of factory imperfections like power buttom plastic pieces much tigher than what they supposed to be..and therefore after pressing few times they get stuck..if is not this the case then find me on facebook by : Aww Dark And show me a quick video of your device and i will upload another video in response with instructions on how to fix it...i am a Comp.Engineer/Programmer/Tech shure i can help.
how do i open the fire hd 7?

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