when i checked my phone it said there was a software update so i clicked on it and now its saying i have to connect it to itunes and when i went to itunes and plugged it in it said that if i updated my phone it would erase everything, my texts, contacts, pictures, etc. and i dont wanna do that, but now it wont let me turn my phone on. how do i stop it from updating and turn my phone back on?
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If anything happens while installing a apple update on a phone(gets turned off or sometimes it just happens) then your iphone will enter this state, unfortunately the only way you get get your information back at this point is if you have a backup stored on either iTunes(local) or icloud(apples server database) if your using iCloud then your phone will automatically back itself up when your phone is plugged in, connected to wifi, and in the screen lock position. I would recommend going to iCloud.com and seeing if you have a backup. If not then you will still be able to reload any purchased products from both iTunes and the App Store, however things such as your photos(unless on the photosteam) will not be recoverable. I worked as a apple technical advisor for awhile and if you call them they will tell you the exact same thing. I'm sorry for your unfoutant luck.
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