I have 2 devices that I have gotten from sprint.  Neither of them want to charge. What could making them not working correctly. I am also upset about another issue.  I am not satisfied with the phone I have.  It will. Not charge, it gives me problems when I am online.  I was told that this was the phone to have.  I was very happy with the photos I had. HTC one. Which was a a 700$ phone which I traded in for a phone that I am not happy with. I need a big screen, I am  just not happy with Motorola x. The sales guy was pushing this. Phone on people I would look at a phone and he would tell me no no you don't want that they are having trouble with that phone. But I took the gentleman's advice and now I am having trouble with the phone and. Tablet he sold me. I love the tablet. I just want it to charge. Is. There anything I can do please help me with this issue? 1 . Neither item I got from sprint store is charging.  2. I am not happy with the phone I was told that was better than the phone I had traded in its not worth it.  My other phone was so much better. I am happy with my tablet I just want it to charge!
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