My phone used to have green signal bar also that's no longer there.
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2 Answers

Are you connecting to a hotel or restaurant hot spot?

Please use the stock browser and try to get it to load any page.... most of the time you should land at a captive portal and you must agree to thier terms and click accept and then it will transfer to a confirmation page. then you can surf the internet fine.

First Check the Date and Time of your table . If it is not updated, update it to current date and time. Restart your table. This may fix your internet connection issues. If this doesn't help, try the second option,

Second option is turn off your Wifi modem and restart it after 1 Human Cortisol ELISA Kit minutes. In the mean time restart your tablet. You will find your wifi connected and try to surf the internet it will work fine.

The first option didn't help me as the date and time was already updated but the second option worked for me. Your wifi signal will show blue once the internet is working fine else it will show grey er4d7g1.

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