I got an email from a so called laywer who says I have been choosen to receieve some money from this clint who has passed away I want to find out if its a scam
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These are almost always a scam. If they want any banking information for example, it is obviously a scam. Likewise, if they say something like "someone with your last name", etc. Look for any grammatical errors. Do they list the legal offices they represent? Is that in your country? Can you contact the office? And so on. Look for inconsistancies. For example, I received one like that that said they were trying to find an heir and my last name was "similar" to that of their deceased client. No court of law on the face of the Earth would accept that. My name is "similar"? Hah! Even if it was an exact match I would have to provide legal documents showing a connection before I could inherit anything. You could have some fun with them, give them all sorts of false information, but don't send them any "fees" or such - you'll never see that again.
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