my user name is [email protected]. I forgot my password to sign in. I cannot access it. Help me!
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Cellulas with precisely the ability to distinguish between the same chromosome copy
There are so many kinds of cellulas in our bodies. By differentiation from a single fertilized egg cells or proliferation, this single cell can develop into all the genetic information needed for normal human individual. Single cells via replication and division and differentiation of genetic material, and ultimately the formation of many cell types, the composition of the complexity of the human organism. cjdsncilnsd
If every single cell is genetically identical, then how terminally differentiated cells such as skin, blood, nerve, skeletal stem cells and how to read the same genetic information, and eventually differentiate into different types of cells?
Recently, a study reveals during stem cell division, cell precise areas on the surface look the same chromosome copy of discretion. The researchers said that if we how cells divide and why split well aware, then perhaps we can manufacture a complete person, this is a very basic scientific research, but the understanding of essential metabolic processes can always give us a lot of ideas to research, and ultimately the development of a new drug or therapy of disease.
During the cellulas division cycle, the oocytes can be replicated chromosomes, to produce two identical copy of the single cells divide into two cells, each cell genetic chromosome of a complete set of information, in many divisions, the progeny cells and mother cells having the same genetic information. This study, the researchers used stem cells of drosophila model to study the process of cell division, the state of the Drosophila germline stem cells in a single cell is the same, so it is the ideal animal model, stem cell cluster very easy to identify, which can divide to produce a variety of stem cells and can differentiate become a named gonialblast differentiated cells, differentiated cells eventually will become sperm cells.
Drosophila sperm cell division, the researchers marked each of its chromosomes, using the same method, researchers can track the final whereabouts of the X and Y chromosomes, the researchers said, the X and Y chromosomes can be distinguished , and eventually inherited to daughter cells.
This study is the first to reveal the cell does have the ability to distinguish the same chromosomal copy of cells respectively to a certain adjustment mode, Investigator Yamashita said, we do not know why the X and Y chromosomes can be non-random separation, may some special epigenetic information is transmitted to the germ-line stem cells and gonialblast to.  hsp70 elisa kit
This study reveals the X and the Y chromosome in the gamete stage can be divided to form many other cells in the body can also be split into two different types of cellulas, in particular in the stages of embryonic development, the next study will continue in-depth studies are needed to reveal whether of drosophila the non-random chromosome separation can also occur in mammals.
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my email adress is [email protected] & i forget my passwerd to sign in.plz help me
subhalaxmi sahu is my friend..
My username is halimiarbenita I forgot my password
i have a acer laptop i dont no the password for it can u give me a password
Our password is forget
i forgot the password of my wifi how can i  get it again  plss help me
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My user name is [email protected] Please help me inorder to open my email
My user name is [email protected]. I forgot my password to sign. I cannot access it. Help me!

my email adress is [email protected] & I forget my passwerd to sign on. Please, help me!

Well how do I sign in to my kindle account
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انا غيرت لغه الكتابه للعربيه وعامل الباسورد باللغه الانجليزيه لا يمكننى تغيير اللغه بدون الوصول للاعدادات

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