Its the first problem. The corruption of that file-thing.  The another problem was the error in our CD-Rom. So if I try to attempt to insert the Windows XP CD to the CD-Rom, it doesn't work. And the last was the problem in our keyboard. Letters Q, A, Z, W, S, X, and Numbers 1 and 2 doesnt work. So If this cant be fixed, we'll try to reformat it on another Computer Shop. But we dont want to spend a lot of time and money for that....


What Sould I do??
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very important
Like some old big bunch of cables gather around the circuit, that's past tense, now cables and circuits can be simplified but not oversimplified, because, though simplified, it performs even better than before, that's how high tech works. Not only circuits like FPC or what, cpu is getting smaller and stronger, that's dope!(

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