The App CM Launcher will not uninstall from my Moto X cell phone ... How do I delete this App...please help it is mess in upy other apps.
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13 Answers

I use a LG G3 but the easiest way I got rid of a launcher I no longer wanted is by accessing Google Play, selecting "My Apps". I found the launcher and clicked uninstall. I hope that works for you.
THANKYOU!    it  worked,  that  app  was  terrible,  so  glad  to  be  rid  of  it,  thanks  again
Bingo!!!  Thank you so much.  Going through Google Play worked for me too!!!  Have a LG-3...
That worked thanks a ton. Keep posting.
AMAZING advice! That worked brilliantly. Crises avoided. Whew!
THANK U TO ANONYMOUS!! I couldn't get rid of the CM launcher no matter what I did. And then I saw the response about going to the Google Play Store and going into your apps and deleting it there basically, uninstalling it there. And it worked! That app took over my whole phone as others have said I have a Turbo 2 phone. Do not install CM launcher unless you want it to take over your phone for you. Thank you again, Mr or Ms Anonymous!
That worked for me too. Thanks!!!
You're so very welcome!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Tried everything else and your advice was so simple.
Worked a treat.
How do I uninstall CM from my s5
same i  have   it  too  and  i  cant  remove  it.  it  has  deleted  art  work  and  when i  try  to  upload   artwork  again it  takes  me to a  game  site.  the  company is   ignoring  every single   message i  have sent them.  BAD BAD  APP,    dont  use  it!
You have to remove it from bieng a default application. Then you eill be able to remove it

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