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How to get rid of Nation Zoom webbrowser

Nation Zoom  managed to be my default browser after I did an Adobe Acrobat update by mistake, apparently it was deeply embedded in the update and I CAN'T get rid of it. I set back my computer to a previous day, changed the settings in Internet Options back to Yahoo, run a scan with Norton which showed everything it's fine and "I'm protected"  but it's useless. This Nation Zoom browser is like a virus here to stay and now I have unwanted pop ups and redirects me to weird sites I didn't request. Can someone please HELP!!!
asked Dec 1, 2013 by Maricarmen

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1 Answer

To get rid of Nation Zoom malware you can't simply remove the browser add-on. There are some files related to this malware which actually restore it again, even after successful removal. So, you definitely need to scan your PC with some powerful antivirus that will detect this file and will remove it. You may try Malwarebytes, free program. I think it should be poweful enough to detect Nation Zoom and remove it.

You could also try this method - http://www.deletevirus.net/remove-nation-zoom-browser-hijacker-for-free/ This program offers 15-day free trial to remove any malware, including Nation Zoom virus. You may follow the guide there and get rid of Nation Zoom at no cost within that 15-day free trial period.

answered Dec 5, 2013 by anonymous
That did NOT work!  Any more suggestions?  Thanks

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